Jerry McBride

Jerry "JR" McBride

DuPage County Board
District 4




As a resident of DuPage County, father of five school age children in Glen Ellyn, and business owner operating in the county, I understand the needs of community members and our community as a whole. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to volunteer so much of my time to make whatever contribution I could to the citizens within this district.

DuPage County is a wonderful place. In the many years in which I have lived in this area, I have seen great improvements made to much of the infrastructure of DuPage County and each individual town; however, there is much still to be done.

I believe that many of our citizens are concerned about key accountabilities:

  • Responding to their questions and concerns
  • Managing their money carefully and effectively
  • Holding county projects to citizens’ original intent
  • Ensuring availability of needed services

As concerned citizens of DuPage County, we need the County Board:

  • To be more responsible with taxes, careful and diligent in the selection of community projects and prudent in the allocation of tax dollars.
  • To support better communication between county board officials and citizens so the overall needs of the constituents can be weighed and met.
  • To fully utilize resources which are already in place to increase services to the community, without diverting funds or increasing operating expenses or taxes.

We need to be much more diligent in the management of our great county, our growing communities, and our quiet neighborhoods. I have been, am, and will remain dedicated to serving our community.
I am able to offer creativity, demonstrated dedication to the area, and a rare perspective, which includes family, community, and commerce. I am dedicated to the community in which I live, work, and raise a family – where my children attend school. I will maintain that focus and motivation in order to ensure that we continue to live in a great place - a place in which we can take great pride.